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Moisture in area plentiful enough to sprout mushrooms

Despite the dry conditions since Aug. 9, when the area received 0.10, the moisture in the air and in the ground are creating conditions allowing for some unlikely sights, like these mushrooms growing out of the moss behind a business on Central Avenue in Grant. Country roads and pivot trails are still muddy in some places, and ponds are prevalent where they otherwise wouldn’t be. The total moisture for the area for this year is currently reported at 22.29 inches. Previous years moisture’s (in inches) at this point in the year are as follows; 2009, 22.85; 2010, 25.15; 2011, 26.80; 2012, 5.79; 2013, 18.60; 2014, 22.62; 2015, 16.90; 2016, 18.53; 2017, 17.01.

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