Perkins County swim team members attending the championship meet in Lexington include (front row, l-r): Brooklyn Lampmann and Emelyn Bishop. Second row: Grant Gloy, Mason Minster, Victor Dunn, Haley Dunn, Hannah Bishop, Hanna Colglazier and Luke Minster. Third row: Maggie Fisher, Cole Rogge, Ben McClain, Brenna Colglazier, Alexa Noyes and Lexie Fisher. Back row: Maddy Ingold, Hallie Fisher, Meredith Gloy, Kailee Potts, Jacqueline Gloy and Taylor Hubl. Team members not pictured: Emily Wilson, Savannah Miller, Kim Bishop, Maddison Kepler, Allyssa Kepler, Mya Deaver, Jordyn Tjaden and Angela Gloy.

PC swim team wraps up successful season

Several members of the Perkins County swim team finished their season at the championship meet in Lexington on July 14. 

The team competed at meets in St. Francis, Kansas, Imperial, Grant, Palisade and the qualifying meet in Imperial.

Coached by Ciara Lampmann and Angela Gloy, swimmers this season included Brooklyn Lampmann, Kim Bishop, Hannah Bishop, Emelyn Bishop, Angela Gloy, Meredith Gloy, Jacqueline Gloy, Grant Gloy, Mason Minster, Luke Minster, Victor Dunn, Haley Dunn, Hanna Colglazier, Brenna Colglazier, Maggie Fisher, Lexie Fisher, Hallie Fisher, Cole Rogge, Ben McClain, Alexa Noyes, Maddy Ingold, Kailee Potts, Taylor Hubl, Emily Wilson, Savannah Miller, Maddison Kepler, Allyssa Kepler, Mya Deaver and Jordyn Tjaden.

The following are the results from the championship meet:

8 and under

Hanna Colglazier—50 freestyle, 10th; 25 short free, 10th.

Victor Dunn— 25 backstroke, 11th; 25 short free, 15th.

Luke Minster—25 backstroke, second; 25 breaststroke, second; 25 short free, second. 

Mason Minster— 25 backstroke, sixth; 25 breaststroke, third; 25 short free, seventh.

9 and 10 / 10 and under

Hannah Bishop—100 Long Free, fifth.

Victor Dunn— 100 free relay, fifth.

Brenna Colglazier—25 breaststroke, eighth; 25 short free, 15th.

Grant Gloy— 100 free relay, fifth.

Jacqueline Gloy—25 breaststroke, 10th; 25 short free, 14th.

Ben McClain—100 free relay, fifth.

Mason Minster—100 free relay, fifth.

11 and 12 / 12 and under 

Hannah Bishop—100 free relay, 12th.

Brenna Colglazier—100 free relay, 12th.

Haley Dunn— 100 free relay, 12th.

Jacqueline Gloy—100 free relay, 12th.

Cole Rogge— 50 backstroke, first; 50 breaststroke, first; 50 short free, second.

13 and 14 / 14 and under

Hallie Fisher— 50 breaststroke, 10th.

Eli Gaston—100 free relay, fourth.

Meredith Gloy— 100 medley relay, fourth; 50 butterfly, 15th; 50 breaststroke, 12th; 100 free relay, fifth.

Taylor Hubl— 100 free relay, fourth.

Maddy Ingold— 100 medley relay, fourth; 100 freestyle, eighth; 50 backstroke, 13th; 50 short free, 14th; 100 free relay, fifth.

Luke Minster— 100 free relay, fourth.

Alexa Noyes—100 medley relay, fourth; 100 freestyle, 11th; 50 backstroke, eighth; 50 short free, 11th; 100 free relay, fifth.

Kailee Potts— 100 medley relay, fourth; 100 free relay, fifth.

Cole Rogge— 100 free relay, fourth.

30 and over

Angela Gloy—long free, first; 50 freestyle, third.

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