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A new MRI was brought in by crane and installed through an opening in the roof at Perkins County Health Services on Thursday, Aug. 16.

PCHS expands services with new MRI

Perkins County Health Services continues to expand its offerings, this time through the installation of a new MRI system in its diagnostic imaging department.

The new MAGNETOM Aera MRI system from Siemens Healthineers was installed Aug. 16 and should be ready to start accepting patients next month. 

The goal, according to Director of Diagnostic Imaging Brenda Jennelle, is twofold: to improve the patient experience beyond what was possible on the old system, and to offer tests that were previously unavailable in the area.

“I’m excited about what our new MRI system will allow us to do for patients,” said Jennelle. “The families who trust us with their care can look forward to shorter exams in a more open space. The wider opening on the MRI machine will really reduce the claustrophobic feeling some people experience when they come in for an MRI test.”

The addition of the new MRI to PCHS’s diagnostic imaging lineup means patients can schedule a variety of tests they previously may have had to travel to receive. Breast MRI, abdominal injector procedures and prostate examinations are among the most in-demand tests patients have asked for and that PCHS will soon be able to offer. 

There’s another big benefit for patients: time. The new system has been designed to reduce the time spent in the MRI machine, which makes for shorter overall examinations and increases appointment availability. 

In addition to MRI and MRA exams, residents can continue to rely on PCHS for all of their imaging needs, including ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, CT, 2D and 3D mammography, digital X-ray exams, bone density testing, nuclear medicine and more.

The new MRI system demonstrates PCHS’s emphasis on providing exceptional care to patients of all ages. In recent years, the health system has made a series of investments in their own future in order to care for patients and families for generations to come.

In late 2016, PCHS completed renovations to their facility. In addition to a remodeled specialty clinic, the expansion paved the way for an additional surgical suite, as well as inpatient rooms that are single occupancy.  

The addition of  full-time surgeon Dr. Shane Banks has allowed patients within the area to receive outpatient and complex surgical care from a provider that is close to home.    

“We’re dedicated to giving our patients the medical care they rely on for their long-term health,” said Jennelle. “Whether you live in Grant or you’re one of the many people who drive from hours away to come see us, we’re going to continue to do everything we can to ensure you get exceptional care on every single visit.”

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