Pulpit Reflections: Accepting a change in plans

It’s happened to everyone. We roll out of bed first thing in the morning with a plan. We know what the day holds. But something happens—the car won’t start, the kids are sick, weather interferes with farming—and the plan must change. 

The apostle Paul found himself in a similar situation. He had made plans for visiting the city of Corinth but had to change those plans. His friends in Corinth weren’t very happy with him. 

In 2 Corinthians 1:11-22, Paul tries to explain why his plans changed and denies that he had lied about his real plans. Paul wants his friends to believe he is trustworthy. Even more important, Paul wants us to understand that God is trustworthy.

Paul writes, “all the promises of God find their Yes in Him [Jesus].” God’s promises to Israel of a Messiah come true in Jesus. God would save his people, free them from sin, and give them new hearts. God did all these by sending Jesus to die for us. In the same way, the promises of God for rest, for eternal life to all who believe and to bless His children are reliable and true. Because God is so reliable, we can trust that He will not fail in any promise. 

And because God is trustworthy, the salvation he offers is sure. In Christ we are established (verse 21). To establish something means it is set up to be permanent. We are also anointed in Him. Just as David was anointed, showing he was chosen him to be king, we are anointed showing we are chosen to be God’s children. And we are sealed with the Spirit (verse 22). This is a guarantee of our future with God. 

Paul’s plans for may have changed, but the plans and promises of God do not!

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