The calling for a new commitment

Pulpit Reflections

1 Samuel 12:24: Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you.

Pastors are not serving because it is our profession. We are serving because it is our vocation. This is something I learned in my early age in ministry.

In the Bible, we have many leaders who made the same decision in their call to serve. But we are not the only ones.

You, as a member of this wonderful community, need to find the purpose of your calling as a resident of this community.

What is your commitment to create a better community?

Be a better person in 2018 and have a reason to celebrate at the end of this year.

As consumers, society offers us many different products that will turn us into models, make us look good, turn us younger.

But let me tell you something that will make you think for a moment. If you are not a person with commitment in your life, nothing is going to happen. 

Put your new plans in God’s hands, because you can have the best bed, but it is God who gives you sleep. You can have the best car, but it is God who will send a guardian angel to care for you on the road. You can have the best doctor, in the best hospital, but it is God who does the recovery.

God is asking you for a commitment that not only will benefit you, but will transform what is around you. In that way you are fulfilling your calling to be a distinguished member of the community where you live.

As pastors, we fulfill our calling to serve, be faithful, obey, honor and love our God.

As members of our community, meditate about the words above and see where you are in the thermostat of your commitment. 


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