Citizen encourages others to vote based on personality

Letter to the Editor

I noticed the Arbor Day flag is on a flag pole that needs sandblasted and repainted. Looks like hell! You can leave it. Because the flag of the USA is no longer on it.

A voted city official told us that the USA flag had been flown that way for 20 years. Where the hell were you veterans for 20 years?

When voting next November, try to vote for the candidate you want. Last election, you voted in some of them that had the personality of a rattlesnake or a gnat.

Some people need to go to a school of personality and take some voted in office people with them.

When voting, remember water meters with low pressure, no water leaks before water meters. Now look out. Thousands of gallons underground and the city and city council cause it and won’t fix it.

And those people who have 1.5-inch pipe when city hall installed them charge you per month.

Remember no personality, no vote.

The people north and south of town that paid thousands of dollars paying for water lines that the city of Grant put in. As an outsider, I apologize to you but remember I didn’t vote for them.

President Trump was put in office by God almighty, not Russia like you Liberals think who loved Hillary Clinton.

Thank you Lord for saving America and thank you Lord for the rain so the city council can’t [CENSORED] us. 

Thank you people of Grant for putting up with me. 

I’m done.



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