Citizen shares water meter experience

Letter to the Editor

To start my letter I want to tell the Liberals to stop giving Russia the credit for our President Trump winning the election.

As usual, it isn’t right unless you read the Bible and the Jewish calendar and you would find out that 300 years ago this was decided and that All Mighty God put Mr. Trump in office. Why?! Because Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel. So Obama and followers can [censored]. You didn’t give Iran enough of our money.

I notice that the leaders or so-called leaders are trying to make the town of Grant a royal town.

The king is the chairman of the city council. His followers sit with him at the head of the bus. The peasants (that’s you taxpayers) sit at the back of the bus. 

I’m writing to tell you of my water meter going ons. When the water meter was put in a day later I had no shower, no bathroom sink, no kitchen sink, no lawn water pressure.   My friends said call the Royal City Hall. I said I would rather rot in hell than go over. 

I called Myers who put the water meters in. They said they’d be there in 20 minutes. They came and fixed all of the items. My lawn sprinklers are so strong my friends can’t water the same.

I ask how much I owe you, they said the city will pay for it. It’s great to be an outsider.


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