Concerns regarding cemetery security

Letter to Editor

I try to make the drive to Grant every three or four months. The last time was Wednesday, Nov. 22.

My first stop after I arrive is the cemetery to check on my parents, brother and sister’s graves. About a year past we installed a three color solar light at each of the grave markers. They are not that expensive, but when I arrived I noticed all three lights were missing. The rocks and marbles were still in the upright vases, so they had to pull them straight out. It was very easy to do and the lots are easily accessible. This act might give a person more confidence to take something more expensive in the future. 

I reported it to the city office and I also took the time to go the courthouse where I had a good talk with the sheriff and they will pay more attention when they check the cemeteries and other areas of Perkins County in the future.

Just a friendly reminder.

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