Facebook is NOT the answer

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When I started my Facebook account over a decade ago, it was the greatest way to connect or reconnect with friends and family. 

Grandparents across the country could see daily photos and videos of their grandchildren. Best friends from elementary school could get reacquainted and catch up. And how did we ever live in a world where we didn’t know what our friends ate for dinner or when they went to bed?

Facebook has evolved much over the last 15 years, and all of the above still holds true. But I have come to realize it is both a blessing and a curse. 

It’s ironic really. Facebook is taking the face out of situations that need to be handled face-to-face. This is creating negativity, hate, anger and resentment and is going to destroy small communities such as ours.

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen it. Someone airs their concern or complaint and it escalates quickly. 

Sharing words from behind a screen definitely seems to bring out people’s inner-jerk. I’m willing to bet many of the things said on Facebook would never be said to someone’s face.

The negativity of it all is spreading like wildfire. I’ve let myself get involved in a few of those arguments over the years, and every single time I’ve regretted it. Each one of us is entitled to our own opinion. You can argue your point until you’re blue in the fingers, (see what I did there?) but I’ve got news. You’re unlikely to change anyone’s opinion to match yours.

I have to remind myself of this whenever I want to throw myself into the fight. 

I also have yet to see any of these Facebook arguments end up resolving anything at all. False information is nearly always shared from at least someone with a dog in the fight, making it even uglier.

As much as I love the good things of Facebook, the negativity won out and I’ve committed to a one-year hiatus. 

If you have a complaint, voice it to the party that can actually do something about it. Maybe they can’t do anything about it, but a civil conversation will certainly get you further than an angry Facebook post. If they don’t even know your problem, how will the situation ever be rectified?!

Facebook. Is. Not. The. Answer. 

I attend nearly every board meeting of Perkins County Schools, Perkins County Commissioners and the City of Grant. I’ve seen 99 percent more complaints about these entities on Facebook than I ever have in their meetings. 

I’m also willing to bet the complaints I’ve seen about other community businesses, including this one right here, were not taken up with that business before they went to Facebook. Sometimes a simple question receives a simple answer and avoids a whole lot of unnecessary drama.  

No one truly knows the work that goes on behind the scenes of ANY job, yet many seem to think they can do it better.

On that note, I want to thank and commend the PCS administration, staff and board; the Perkins County elected officials and staff; the City of Grant mayor, council and staff and the PCHS administration, staff and board for the outstanding job they do in making this community great. 

Really, all the businesses in Perkins County!

God knows you don’t hear it enough.

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