Just be nice!

This election is beginning to make me nauseous. Just two weeks ago, I wrote about the great attendance we had at the mayoral debate, expressing my gratitude to this great community. 

I didn’t mention those select few who were upset there wasn’t more controversy at the debate. That’s fine. To each their own. 

Call me crazy, but the last thing we need here in Grant is Washington politics. 

I was incredibly disheartened to hear and then see for myself anonymous letters of libelous defamation being sent to supporters of Grant City Mayoral Candidate Lisa Schmitt. 

That’s not what we do here. 

We are a community that supports one another. 

While national politics seem to focus on winning by bashing the other candidate, I’ve always viewed our corner of the world as quite the opposite. In fact, in my opinion, I’m less likely to vote for you if that’s your game. I want to know what YOU are going to do for our community. 

So, to the person(s) who wrote these anonymous letters, do share... What are you trying to accomplish? 

My hope is the people of this fine city are smart enough not to believe your lies, and considering you’re too much of a coward to sign them and back up your lies, what’s in it for you?

I’m honestly still trying to wrap my head around this. I’ve seen some stupid decision-making as of late, but this is nearing the top of the list. 

As council member and mayoral candidate Matt Greenwood stated at the debate, we all just need to be nice! Why is that so hard for some people? Why are they so dead set on finding SOMETHING to complain about? Enough is enough. Just be nice!

I’d like to offer my best wishes to all the candidates as we near the primary. May you see the good in people and not be plagued by naysayers who inhibit the progress of this community. 

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