Letter to Editor

City’s Arbor Day flag dishonoring American Flag

Dear Editor,

There are federal guidelines on having a flag flying on a pole. 

1. The American flag size is decided by the height of the pole.

2. On a single flag pole the only flag flying below the American flag is either the state flag or military flag like the ones at the county buildings. They use a MIA/POW flag. 

The City of Grant uses an Arbor Day flag. I had 15 of my veterans in Kansas check to see how many Arbor Day flags are below the American flag, like in Grant - NONE. 

This is considered dishonoring an American flag. This is an insult to all veterans. The ones who died in serving their country USA and who survived serving their country. 

We have been battling Grant City Hall to take the dishonored flag down and give it to the veterans office so we can take the “dis” out of an honored flag. 

I would like City Hall to take the Arbor Day flag and [censored.]

Thank you, 

Mel Shootman


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