Letter to Editor

A vision for the future of Perkins County

Having relatives in the Grant area, I read the article in the Tribune Sentinel, “Share your vision for the future of Perkins County.” In my estimation, any “anchor” for the future of Perkins County should be tied to the hospital, Perkins County Health Services and the second “anchor” being “tourism.” 

I’ll start with tourism first. If I didn’t have relatives in the area, I’d be tempted to just cruise on Interstate 80 at Ogallala (luckily I have family there, too) but many travelers do not. They just zip on by. That slim 21 or 23 miles is convenient to a weary traveler. I wish there were more road signs at Ogallala denoting businesses and landmarks in Grant.

So, as I see it, both towns should cooperate and both towns would prosper. 

Maintaining “staples” such as a grocery store, post office, churches and civil/fraternal organizations should be a top priority for Grant’s future. While many things seem outdated in our high-tech world, people in Southwest Nebraska thrive on in-person companionship via worthy organizations. 

The city being named after former President Ulysses S. Grant should be spotlighted more.

With regard to the hospital - as our American population “ages” the need for good skilled medical doctors and nurses will be critical. 

More incentives need to be made to get more young people graduating with credentials in those fields to move to Grant and practice their professional craft.

Those are a few of my ideas.


James Marples

Longview, Texas

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