Pitchin with Pritch: Good week for Husker fans

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At last, there was college football to watch on TV—that is if you could really get interested in some of the teams that were playing.  

I know I shouldn’t complain because I was tired of watching replays of 1991 games or older. 

Despite being live, I just had a hard time watching them for very long.

I tried watching K-State, but when Arkansas State is winning the game, it doesn’t take me long to lose interest in Silo Tech!

I don’t know if it is still a slam used by K-State and KU students, but when I was growing up, K-State was Silo Tech and KU was the Flaw on the Kaw! I do know that that rivalry is still intense regardless of what year it might be at the time—1960s or 2020s.

Things have changed there a little as K-State has had pretty good football and good basketball teams lately and KU has great basketball and they still field a football team.

Things can change in a hurry as even a university with the football tradition of Nebraska keeps getting referred to as the “One Proud Program at Nebraska,” as the discussion goes on about the probability of the Big 10 playing any kind of a season this year. 

At least I did start reading about some of the other cities that are home to Big 10 universities start talking about how much no football is affecting their economy. I don’t know if that will play a role in whether there will be football or not or if the safety of the players will still be the number one factor. 

I know that when one of the business owners in the Haymarket area in Lincoln makes the statement that 70% of their total gross income is brought in on the seven times Nebraska football has a home game, it is important. 

If you visit with the mayors of the 14 schools in the Big 10, that might be mentioned as a factor. I do know that if I had any of my children playing major college sports, I would want their safety to be right up there on the factor scale of whether you have the sport or not. 

I also side with the coaches that are saying their players are more safe being on campus where they can be attended to probably on a fairly ridged schedule. 

I also remember from my college days that there are actually a lot of parties at colleges. I think I even went to a couple of them during my four years at Fort Hays State.

 I might be wrong—I studied a lot—but I do remember a couple of places we went to relax when we had some spare time. 

I also remember my Dad telling me one weekend when I was home that he was pretty sure that Coors could keep their business running without help from me. He just had a way with words.

Any way the season is off and running and time will tell if we see the Big Red in action.

Watching NBA

Still watched more professional basketball in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years. There were some really exciting games and some comebacks in games that you can’t hardly believe and you are there watching them. 

The skill level of the players is unbelievable at times. Some of the shooting is out of this world. I think they could move the three-point line back another five feet and the players wouldn’t even know it. 

My problem with the professional game is that there is limited shooting ideas anymore. It is either the 3-point shot or the Dunk. The player that can and will still take a mid-range jump shot seems to be a thing of the past. 

I am also glad that the professional game is the only one where you can replay a situation to see what happened.

I know the officials are human and try hard to get the right call, but they have just a split second in most cases to make the call. However, the reviews take so much time that the game has too many gaps in time for me. 

Teams do actually get some extra time outs and I think the coaches use that at times when they ask for a review of a call. That probably is called smart coaching. 

I will still option for the high school or the college game for my favorite basketball to watch. 


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