Pitchin with Pritch: Upsets in college and NFL football

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The weekend was filled with a lot of college football. Not as much as a Husker fan would like since Nebraska isn’t playing yet.

But there’s still a number of major colleges having games. 

Looking at some of the scores, I thought maybe the NCAA had started some eight-man football to not have as many players on the field and help fight the COVID-19 problem. 

With scores like 50-27, 53-45, 56-45, and a 63-48 game being played, it just didn’t seem like the 11-man game was alive and doing well this year. 

But I guess the game is still being played with 11 players on each side but the offensive side of the ball was pretty impressive last Saturday. 

A few of those high scoring games had the underdog winning. One of those big upsets that comes to mind is Missouri. They scored 45 points on the defending national champs LSU while holding them to 41.

LSU has already lost two games this year and might not be as strong as everyone thought they would be at the beginning of the season.

Remember—it’s 2020 and nothing is going like anyone thought it would. So maybe a Blue Blood program like LSU not playing well at this time of the season is par for this year. 

There were overtime games also that helped the scoring. Texas and Oklahoma, which is a highly competitive game most years, was again competitive going four overtimes before Oklahoma won in the 4th OT 53-45. 

North Carolina won their game scoring 56 points to Virginia Tech 45, Arkansas State hit the 50-point output in their game against Central Arkansas and Alabama got 63 to Ole Miss who put up 48.

Upsets not limited to NCAA

The NFL also had a few upsets on Sunday. The biggest to me anyway was Las Vegas defeating Kansas City 40-42. The Chiefs were undefeated and had gotten off to a 4-0 record, but somewhere the KC defense went to sleep and LV got the points to hang the first loss on the Chiefs. 

Probably the toughest game to watch on Sunday was the Cowboys and the Giants. Dallas won the game in regulation 37-34 but lost their starting quarterback in the third quarter. Dak Prescott got tackled and on the tackle, his right ankle took a really crooked turn. 

When they showed it back in slow motion it was very difficult to watch because he was pointed one way and his foot was going a different direction. 

It was announced later that Prescott was in a Dallas hospital where he would be undergoing surgery later.

Lakers get another title

Then in the NBA, the Lakers finally put the Miami Heat away, winning 106-93. 

The score is misleading because the Lakers were up my 28 at halftime and had almost a 40-point lead at one time in the second half, so the game was never in doubt. 

LeBron James finished the season with a triple double getting 28 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists. 

The Lakers were the best team and had the most talent but the Miami team did a pretty good job in the previous games but didn’t have an answer on Sunday night.

Anthony Davis had 19 points, 15 rebounds and 3 assists. Davis was an important cog in the Lakers wheel the entire season and maybe his addition to the roster might have been almost as important as getting James. 

LeBron is a tremendous player, so talented that he can play any position and he may well be the greatest player ever in the NBA. 

That discussion will never be a unanimous one because there is this guy named Jordan that was on teams that won six World Championships. 

If I was starting a team, I have to say that I would choose……either one of them! 


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