Pitchin with Pritch: Virus turns college sports world upside down

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The coronavirus pandemic has played havoc with just about everything in the world this spring.

There isn’t much you can do about all the different things that have been cancelled or postponed.

 Who knows when, and regardless of who is telling us what could happen with anything from politics to sports, is in my opinion pretty much making a guess based on who knows what.

The virus itself has one person, who you would think would know a little about practicing medicine, tell you one thing and maybe the same day someone else tells you just the opposite. 

That type of information has carried over into the sports world also.


Take college football. I read an article that stated that “If this pandemic leaves any positive impact on the sport of college football maybe it can force the Power Five football leagues to finally separate and govern their own group.” 

That is a pretty strong statement but I get the feeling that more and more schools are not real satisfied with the NCAA and how they handle anything. 

This pandemic is going to expose the dysfunctional element of college football.  The NCAA does not run the sport. The five commissioners are in charge but each of the conferences has their own agendas. 

For instance, NCAA boss Mark Emmert said no students at school, no football. The very same day, Big 12 Commissioner said sure, games could be played without students around. 

One Big 10 coach said if all 14 Big 10 schools were not able to play, too bad. 

The ones who can will. Not sure how they will fill out their schedule but they must have a plan. 

It seems to me the idea that some leagues could start before the others this fall, and some conferences would play without all their teams playing, turns this season into a nightmare season that no one really wants to happen. 

What happens is a season of basically exhibition type games, with no playoff, no outstanding players, like maybe a Heisman Trophy winner. 

In one of the articles I read, it was suggested that maybe an idea would be to have a college football commissioner. 

I guess it has been mentioned before but that certainly would separate college football from the NCAA. That might not be that all bad, who knows.

I would think that whatever the football people come up with, the other big college teams like basketball,volleyball, wrestling and track are going to want equal opportunity in their sports.

It might lead to a better situation for college athletes or it might be a death notice for college athletic programs. 


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