From the Pulpit: High wind warning!

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I love being able to check the weather by simply touching an icon on my phone. My weather app of choice is WeatherBug—it’s cute (looks like a ladybug), it’s easy to use (definitely need easy to use apps), and my wife recom-mended it (she’s pretty smart). Some-times, my wife and I will check the weather at the same time and try to outdo each other like we’re weather experts. We’re not! But alas this is what passes for entertainment in the Gaar home. We love our weather app!

In the right-hand corner of the home screen is a tiny triangle. When the triangle turns red, you know something’s up! Lately, the triangle has turned red quite often. High wind warnings! When there’s a high wind warning, it signals you to secure objects that might blow away. There is potential for damage to buildings or trees. A high wind warning means you need to take action! My wife and I often hurry to bring in flowerpots or outside furniture when the little triangle turns red.

In God’s Word, the apostle Paul gives the church in Ephesus a “high wind warning!” Paul writes to the church to be built up in Jesus, to grow in unity and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. But he gives a warning! It’s kind of like a high wind warning. The wind Paul refers to is the high wind of anything that distracts you from Jesus Christ. Paul writes to the church his concern in Ephesians 4:14—“that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.”

As Christians, sometimes we need to be warned when we drift from Jesus! Sometimes we need a high wind warning so that we can take action to be secure in Him. Paul tells us to watch out for the high winds “of doctrine, human cunning, and craftiness in deceitful schemes.” These high winds will blow you away from a pure allegiance to Jesus as King, as Savior, as your Great Treasure! 

Whatever distracts you from the truth about Jesus ought to have a high wind warning attached to it! What is in your life that is distracting you from a pure allegiance to Jesus Christ? What thoughts, ideas, philosophies are you listening to that deny the biblical truths about Jesus? 

Ask yourself: What is better than Jesus? What is better than God in the flesh coming to this earth to save sinners? What is better than a Savior who is perfect, yet loves sinners? What is better than a Savior dying to pay sin’s penalty? What is better than a Savior who after dying for our sins, rose from the dead? What is better than a Savior who offers eternal life? What is better than Jesus?

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ: What winds are blowing in your life distracting you from faith in Him, from loving Him, from obeying Him, from treasuring Him? Ask God to show you. Ask God to give you a high wind warning so you can take action!


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