Resident upset about letter

Letter to the Editor

I would like to let you and the citizens of Grant, Nebraska know that we recieved at ANONYMOUS letter in our mail in an attempt to taint and damage the credibility of Lisa Schmitt, a 2018 mayoral candidate.

If the author of this ANONYMOUS letter with specific and damaging information feels it so important to share, sign your letters. Why hide and remain ANONYMOUS when using this defaming information? If you have all this ugly information that you have been sending out to the citizens of Grant, PROVE IT!

In Exodus 20:16 the Lord God says, “You shall not bare false witness against your neighbor.”

I suggest anyone who has questions or might believe the accusations that are being spread, talk to Lisa personally before you make your final decision.

Thank God we live in the USA where we are free to vote and have freedom of speech (the First Amendment of the United States of America) but sharing this kind of information ANONYMOUSLY is cowardly. Just my opinion!

I’d also like to thank the Grant Tribune for hosting the debate with the candidates. It was a great way to learn about the candidates and what they want to accomplish for our town.

Remember to vote on May 15.

P.S. I suggest if anyone has received these damaging/defaming letters attempting to taint Lisa Schmitt’s credibility, take your letter and envelope to the Sheriff’s Office. Again, just my opinion. 

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