Royal wedding enjoyed throughout the world

Letter to the Editor

As did many other people in Grant as well as people in probably every state including me in Texas—and untold numbers of people elsewhere in this nation and around the globe—I got up at 4 a.m. last Saturday, May 19 to watch the royal wedding of Prince Harry to the former Meghan Markle. 

It was well-done in every way. I read news reports where Queen Elizabeth gave her grandson Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, special permission to sport a beard at his own wedding, while wearing a U. K. Army uniform. 

Traditionally, British Army rules do not allow beards except in rare circumstances such as skin problems or for religious reasons. Although Prince Harry officially ended his military career in 2015, he and his older brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, both opted to wear military overcoats during the wedding. 

I found the ceremony most impressive. I really liked the “fire of love” sermon given by the Chicago Episcopal Bishop Michael Bruce Curry, who even invoked a deceased Roman Catholic prelate, writer, mystic, philosopher and prolific traveler, Pierre Teilhard de Chardan, who wrote in his 1934 book “The Power of Chastity” if human beings ever harness the energy of love, it will be only the second time in history that humans have discovered fire. 

The sermon was wonderful. It was a nod to history. The old Windsor Castle was built in the 11th Century, just after William-the-Conqueror, but the present Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel were rebuilt and extended on the same grounds in the 15th Century (pre-Reformation days when England was still “officially Roman Catholic”). 

 It was obvious that Prince Harry and his bride were pleased. Harry looked distinguished wearing his beard. Although I am clean-shaven, I am glad Queen Elizabeth gave her permission. It made the wedding truly special and I was also proud of Prince Charles for walking the bride down the aisle and “giving her away” since her biological father was unable to attend. Prince Charles showed a rare showing of dignity and thoughtfulness. 

I loved the pomp and pageantry of the old Rolls-Royce cars, the newer cars, and the ancient horse-drawn carriages. I always enjoy the royal guardsmen on horseback in their famed procession. I loved the choirs, the musicians and I even noted that one giant harp was inscribed with the words: “The Prince of Wales.” 

I pray that this royal marriage endures and wish the best of wishes to the young couple. Being of English extraction myself, yet an American, it was a day when I could say joyfully: “God Save The Queen.” Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen longer than I’ve been alive. I admire her grace and elegance. The recent royal wedding was indeed one to remember. 


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