Tacos and Tennis Shoes

Finding balance

It’s all about balance. Isn’t that what people say? Balance is the key to a happy life...or so I’ve read. Balance keeps your stress levels low and makes you a happier person, right?

Well one thing I do know is it’s easier said than done.

I’ve thought about this word a lot lately. Balance. It’s something I am continually striving for....and often falling short of. I keep trying, yet balance is a never ending struggle in my life. 

Aren’t we all just between a run and a nap? Or is that just me?

One of my biggest balance struggles is finding myself between tacos or tennis shoes.

I’ve always been an active person. I’ve done my fair share of races, love to hike and have been doing CrossFit for several years. So there certainly is a healthy side of my personality that wants to  lace up my tennis shoes and get a workout in. 

But then.....there’s the side of me that just wants to eat tacos. Tacos are my favorite. 

If I’m strategically in the middle of the two, I suppose I can claim I’m balanced. Though one often wins out over the other. And if I’m being honest with myself....it’s usually tacos. 

We all feel the conflict. And if you don’t, kudos. Let’s have a chat soon cause I need some tips. 

The balance battle doesn’t end at tacos or tennis shoes. It’s a daily battle in everything we do.

As parents we have to balance between disciplining our kids so they grow up to be productive, polite, capable humans. But we don’t want to ride them all day long...that’s just exhausting. 

We also balance between parenting and working, eating healthy meals and enjoying Saturday night pizza, having family time and couple time (or even alone time!), keeping the house clean and actually living in it, having fun at work and getting work done, enjoying family time and wanting to kick your siblings, utilizing available technology and appreciating the “old school,” having roots and wings. The list goes on and on.

I read once that life isn’t about finding balance, it’s about creating it.

Therefore, in my quest to create perfect (cough!) balance in my own life, I plan to share my struggles and occasional successes with readers. We are not alone in the venture! So feel free to find the humor in my chaotic attempts....I do. 

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