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What if there was no local newspaper?

In August, more than 220 Minnesota newspapers printed blank front pages as part of Minnesota’s Newspaper Association’s 150th anniversary which posed the question...What if there was no local newspaper?

Thankfully, due to our staff and loyal advertisers, you don’t have to find out!

Our staff here at the Grant Tribune-Sentinel: Samantha Goff, Bonnie Becker and myself, work tirelessly every week to make sure you have a quality newspaper filled with your local news. And I for one am very proud of it.

We also couldn’t do it without our contributing photographers and writers! Thank you Nora, Tandy, Dad, Larry and LaDonna!

Without our advertisers, we wouldn’t be able to support a community newspaper at all. While newspapers do provide a service to their communities, people often forget that we, too, are a business needing revenue to survive. It’s our advertisers who make the newspaper world go round. So thank you! 

 This week we are celebrating National Newspaper Week with the theme Real Newspapers...Real News. And nothing describes the Grant Tribune-Sentinel better than that. 

In a world where once reputable news sources are being accused of fake news, the Tribune has been bringing you real, local news for 120 years.  

While I’m a fan of social media, I’ve discovered it has become more and more difficult to trust what is real versus what is fake. 

While we don’t claim to be perfect, one thing I can guarantee is you won’t be finding any fake news here! 

Grammatical errors? Sure. Misspelled name? Guilty. Incorrect date? Done that a few times. Some of you are more understanding than others. 

Your kind words about the work we put into this paper go miles and miles. We truly appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. Bless you! It really does make it all worth it. 

One definitely doesn’t go into this profession for the warm fuzzies. 

A previous editor and friend always said you have to have thick skin and broad shoulders to work in this industry. Boy is she right. 

Criticism comes with the territory. That’s something I learned WAY before taking on the position of editor over a year ago. When you grow up in this business, where the topics of holiday conversations involve the five family-owned newspapers at which your grandma and granddad and mom and dad and aunt and uncle work, you have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. 

Criticism will come and go. It stings a bit, yes. But I also know it takes no effort to tell us what you THINK we’re doing wrong. But as Elvis Presley once said, “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand.”

I assure you I know what I’m doing, as does our staff, and when I don’t, I have many, many mentors to consult with. I certainly take comfort in that fact, and know Granddad would be proud. 

This is exactly where I’m supposed to be. I love living my family’s legacy and bringing you your local news with this amazing staff at the Grant Tribune. They too, are my family and I love coming to work everyday. Not everyone can say that. 

As I hear so often, ink is in my blood. 

Please! Come visit us! We love to hear from you! We work every day to make this newspaper BETTER for our community! 

And each week you can look forward to reading this real newspaper....with real news.


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