PCS teachers use technology to accommodate e-learning

Though Perkins County Schools have a low number of students participating in e-learning, or learning from home, the school system has worked hard to accommodate those students and make sure they can get the best education possible.

High school principal Ben Jones said there is a limited number of high school students who have opted into distance learning due to personal reasons, whether that be a medical reason or based off their learning environment.

Depending on the class, the method for e-learning varies, but the most important factor is that students continue to receive a quality education.

Some classes, Jones said, simply ask that students log into Zoom, a video communications website used for teleconferencing, and participate in the class as they would normally.

By viewing the class through video conference, students can ask questions real-time and participate in classroom discussions.

Other classes, such as science courses, may be more difficult to incorporate e-learning. Teachers such as Deanne Bishop at the high school have figured out workarounds that work short-term.

Bishop teaches astronomy, meteorology, chemistry and physics at the high school level, and has had students learning from home.

She said it depends on if the student is feeling well or not, but typically those learning from home are able to use Zoom to watch classes live and receive information from the lecture they might not get from lecture notes alone.

Labs, however, can be difficult to participate in at home. Bishop herself has not had too much of an issue, since she said her labs have not been quite as difficult to perform at home as they could be.

Katie Cross, who teaches anatomy and physiology, recently held a dissection lab where students dissected rats. Those who were not able to attend in person were able to view the lab via Zoom.

Cross set up her laptop so students watching from home could still get an in-depth view of the process with their assigned groups.

This way, even though students are not able to participate in a hands-on manner, they are still able to get the appropriate information for their education and experience in-class activities as much as possible.

Not only has Zoom been a helpful resource for students and teachers, but Perkins County Schools recently began using Schoology, which is a learning management system teachers can use to keep assignments, notes, handouts and more in one location.

This is beneficial for students learning at a distance as well as those in the classroom, since materials are compiled into one location.

This also makes it possible for e-learning students to submit their assignments from home, if the teachers choose to use that feature.


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