Perkins County FCCLA members Makenzie Toner and Jasmine Schulze attended the peer conference in Kearney on Feb. 27.

Perkins County students attend peer conference

Two members from the Perkins County High School Chapter attended the FCCLA State Peer Education Conference held in Kearney on Feb. 27.Makenzie Toner and Jasmine Schulze were accompanied by local FCCLA advisor Cathy Ochsner. 

The theme of the meeting was “Su-PEER Heroes!” The outreach project of the conference was CEDARS, Home for Children. Nebraska FCCLA contributed to CEDARS by donating over 500 items, and the Perkins County chapter contributed by donating four backpacks filled with items for the campers to use. 

In addition, there were several speakers and sessions. The keynote speaker was Lloyd Roberts of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He shared what his family experienced when his daughter died in a drunk driving accident. He also spoke about all the other people who were affected by her decision to drink and drive.

There were also three breakout sessions, the first was “Empowering Leaders with the Su-PEER Heroes!” In this session, the state peer officers educated members about peer teams and how to use FCCLA as a tool for success. 

Erin Rea, the founder of Love Adelyn, presented a session entitled, “Giving Hope to Little Hearts.” She shared her family’s journey, from the birth and death of her daughter with a congenital heart defect to starting a foundation. The purpose of the Love Adelyn Foundation is to help other families who have critically ill children in Nebraska hospitals. 

Rea also encouraged FCCLA members to use self-accountability to get through tough situations in their lives. She also urged FCCLA members to find a way, even if it seems small, to make a difference in others’ lives; they shouldn’t wait for something tragic to feel like they can make a difference. 

Jill Goedeken, a 4-H extension agent from Columbus, presented a session entitled, “Resumés 101.” Students were presented with an example of a well-written resumé. Students were also given examples of items to include in a resumé to make it successful. While presenting, Goedeken provided tips about wording and helpful ways to share information within the resumé document.

There were many awards given at peer conference. The Perkins County FCCLA chapter was recognized for attending and contributing two outreach projects. 

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