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Students present on Tuesday, Sept. 19 for rehearsal of “The Adventures of Captain Starblaster” included (front row, l-r): Valerie Perez, Chris Terry, Kenyon Gaar, Nathan Kemling, Alissa Overstreet, Laura Dreiling, Jaci Kurkowski, Karen Ruiz, Haven Wid, Kyla Brueggeman and Zach Malmkar (crew). Back row: Sam McArtor, Matt Wendell, Miah Long, Rylee Huff, Savannah Schmitt, Kayla Wid, Jarin Tines, Jessie Craig, Jacob Woodmancy and Brandon Knoles. Not pictured: Beau Wood and Hannah Kempf, as well as crew members Matt Aerni and Austin Seiler.

Perkins County students to perform “The Adventures of Captain Starblaster”

The community is invited to see the school musical, “The Adventures of Captain Starblaster” at Perkins County High School on Saturday, Sept. 23 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 24 at 4 p.m. in the multi purpose room. 

The “sci-fi spoof packs a hilarious punch” and was written by Daniel Tenney who says of the story: “Ten thousand years in the future, the galaxy stands in peril. Hostile aliens, sinister thugs, and strange forces seem to lurk at every turn. But one man stands between the galaxy and those who would do it harm. That man is...Captain Starblaster, defender of the galaxy! 

Will Captain Starblaster and his trusty sidekick (and his trusty sidekick’s trusty sidekick and his fearless crew) manage to thwart the evil plans of Colonel Chaos and his goons? Will the galaxy be saved? Will there be enough Galaxy Flakes cereal for everyone? 

With songs ranging from gospel ode to evil scheming, and from a doo-wop lament to a rousing alien dance extravaganza, this blast of a musical soars along with energy and quirky characters galore. It doesn’t get campier — or more fun! — than this easy-to-stage high-flying adventure!” 

Doug Babbitt has been working with the kids along side Conrad Gachne to put the musical together. 

Freshman participating in the musical are: Brandon Knoles, Savannah Schmitt, Jessie Craig, Rylee Huff, Hannah Kempf, Miah Long and Kayla Wid.

Sophomores include Sam McArtor, Jacob Woodmancy and Matt Wendell.

Juniors are Beau Wood and Jarin Tines. 

Kenton Gaar, Nathan Kemling, Chris Terry, Valerie Perez, Kyla Brueggeman, Laura Dreiling, Jaci Kurkowski, Alissa Overstreet, Karen Ruiz and Haven Wid make up the senior participants. 

Tickets can be purchased at the door. 

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