Spartabots share ideas

We are a junior high robotics team that will be competing in a competition on Jan. 19. We would like to share with the community our ideas! 

This year we were challenged to find a problem that astronauts encounter while in space, and of course find a solution. 

One main problem we noticed was that astronauts have a hard time getting around in their large and bulky spacesuits. To fix this problem we designed a lightweight jacket that will still protect the astronauts while they are in space. 

When astronauts have their suits on it makes it much harder to get certain tasks done, plus the fact that it is also extremely uncomfortable. Our suit that we have designed will be much less bulky and also lighter, while still staying strong and protective. 

The suit’s name will be called the FlexSuit, for its flexibility. The main point we want to change from other suits is the comfort and flexibility. The main component of our new suit is dyneema, the strongest fiber in the world. 

Another main component will be graphene, as it’s very unique pattern offers great strength. This suit will have protective layers, including fire retardant, dacron, and a liquid cooling system. 

The suit will be extremely flexible, and make moving around the spacecraft easier. The layer of dacron will be very important, as it is a pressure reliever. There will be many pieces added for safety, including emergency control for oxygen, water and extra protection. 

The helmet will have special glass with a layer of radiation-blocking abilities. This helps keep astronauts safe from the harmful rays of the sun. It will keep all of the components of a traditional suit while harboring flexibility and comfort. 

This suit design combines all of our ideas to create an innovative solution to a modern problem. We designed this suit to practice our innovation and teamwork skills, as well as to make a change. All of these components add up to a great suit we would like to share with our community!

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