Pitchin with Pritch: There’s time to right the ship

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Two games into the Husker’s football season and I guess I was disappointed in both the win and certainly the loss. 

I have to admit I drank the Kool Aid that has been offered and thought that after the first season things were turning around and that Husker fans might even see a season where 7 or 8 wins were possible, we might have a Heisman Trophy candidate, and maybe even a division championship. Who knows what would could happen if that possibility came true. 

Then the first game started to leave a little bit of doubt, and then the game at Boulder last Saturday a lot of things happened that made me think the Kool Aid was too easy to drink and believe. 

Now, all of those things mentioned could still happen, but me believing it will isn’t one of them. 

However, I also know it takes time to build championship teams, and most of the time it isn’t done in two seasons. There are lots of new faces here. 

It takes time to adjust to a different system, so even though the first two games might have been a little disappointing, patience is needed and the folks that flooded social media with “Melt the Frost” and “Fire the Coach” are not living in the real world either. 

It is difficult to blow a lead like the Huskers did in Boulder, but I am not blaming any one person or team part. It was a team effort to say the least. 

Did the offense play as well in the second half as the first? No. Did Colorado make some adjustments? Apparently. Did the Huskers adjust on defense? Apparently they decided to arm tackle more and was that a good decision? Rhetorical question! 

I am pretty sure that unless the Huskers start putting up the 50 or more points that was suggested was possible and shutting out every opponent and our QB throws for five or more touchdowns or runs for that many, his name and Heisman won’t be mentioned in the same sentence the rest of this year. 

Maybe in years to come, who knows, he does have talent but it hasn’t risen to the top yet in the first two games. The Huskers are only two games into the season, they have time to right the ship and get some things accomplished that they hoped to do before the season started. Right now, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Husker Volleyball

The Husker volleyball team ran their record to 4-0 and overcame some tough matches against Arizona and San Diego. 

The toughest was at San Diego, a team that was 2-2 coming into the Nebraska encounter. The Toreros actually had a 2-1 lead in the first three sets but the Husker team put together enough to get the win in five sets. 

The Husker Volleyball team has a number of new players and they have started pretty well, but their season will get tougher as they go and the Big 10 is a really tough volleyball conference, but I would bet the Husker Ladies will hold their own.


Nebraska isn’t the only team that has some of the fans up in arms, Tennessee has gotten off to a really slow start going 0-2, losing to Georgia State in the first week and last Saturday losing to BYU 29-26 in overtime. There were rumors floating around that there was a possibility that former coach and now Athletic Director Phillip Fulmer is coming back to be head coach once again. 

It has happened at other schools where the former coach and then AD came back to the sidelines. Barry Alvarez did it at Wisconsin. 

Fulmer, 69, was the head Tennessee coach from 1992-2008 and won a National Championship in 1998 and a couple of SEC championships.

 He might get the Vols back on track but you never make all the fans happy anywhere. I remember when Nebraska would win nine games every year and some people were not happy!

Plainsmen football

Congratulations to the Plainsmen football team as they picked up a win last week against Southwest. Had a little trouble in the second half but held on and stopped Southwest when needed and got the 20-16 win. 


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