Pitching with Pritch: Close to becoming a good football team


he Husker football team came close against a team that is talked about as one that could be in the running for the football playoff in Ohio State. 

The Buckeyes were, however, coming off a loss to Purdue two weeks ago and then a bye week, where the Huskers played a week ago and had picked up a win in a season that the W’s are hard to come by. The Huskers had a bunch of chances to knock OSU off and probably would have ended the Buckeyes hopes to get into the playoff picture. But again Nebraska came up close, but no win, losing 36-31 after leading at the half 21-16. 

Some people would look at that and start talking about the Huskers having a “moral victory” against OSU, but I am pretty sure Coach Frost and the players don’t want to hear about moral victories. Like a lot of close contests in any sport, the game came down to just a few plays that if they had gone the other way, the Huskers would have pulled off a big upset. 

As it turned out, the third quarter was killer for the Huskers, as they missed a couple of offensive plays that looked like sure scores, and the defense that had played pretty well all day could not get the one big stop that might have turned the game into a W. 

I think Nebraska is really close to becoming a pretty good football team. I think I saw improvement in their play against more than just a pretty good football team, but a darn good football team. Patience is still called for and hopefully Nebraska will be able to put together some complete games and get a win or two yet this season. 

Husker Round Ball

This week the Husker basketball teams get started, and if the weather cooperates and all that kind of stuff, I will have taken in the men’s game against Mississippi Valley on Tuesday. 

Coming off one of their best seasons in a number of years last year, the Huskers are positioned to maybe accomplish some things that have bypassed the program for a number of years. Here are some of the things they have going for them this season. 

One, they have a number of returning players from last year’s squad that should make them one of the most experienced team in the Big Ten. Few teams in the Big Ten will be able to match Nebraska’s starting five when it comes to raw skill. Glynn Watson, James Palmer, Isaiah Roby and Isaac Copeland should play high-level basketball next year in the NBA or overseas. 

It has been a while since the Huskers have had this much talent in their starting five. If there is concern, it might be with depth because it is untested and will have to be developed as the year plays out. 

Add Thomas Allen to this group and I would think the Huskers will have a chance in every game they play as long as they can stay out of foul trouble, etc. With all of the depth and hopefully the bench development that will come, the Huskers have a chance to make some Nebraska Basketball history. 

Things you can hope for is more wins than last year, a higher finish in the Big Ten and a good finish in the Big Ten tournament, and then if all that happens , get the invite to the NCAA tournament and be able to win a game in that setting which they have never been able to do. 

Some sports writers have Nebraska listed as a top 25 team in the nation in pre-season, and slotted in as being in the top five of the 14 team Big Ten Conference. 

Coach Miles has been around now for a few years, so there might be a little bit of pressure on him to put a qualifying team on the floor and then excel in the Big Ten and NCAA. It would be awesome to see that happen. Probably would make the drive to Lincoln to watch them even a little more fun also.

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