Immediate family can attend sports events

Perkins County Schools  updated their protocols for attendance at basketball and wrestling events. 

Last week, each participant was allowed just two immediate family members. 

The school relaxed some of the attendance rules beginning this week, allowing all immediate family members to attend. 

The protocols are as follows:


• Each Perkins County student athlete is allowed all immediate family members per household for entry to the game. Perkins County coaches, book, student managers, and cheerleaders are allowed two immediate family members for entry into games/meets.

• Opposing team’s coaches and athletes will be allowed three immediate family members for entry into games/meets. Teams must provide Perkins County with a list of student athletes, coaches and the three immediate household family members.

• People not on the pass list will not be admitted into the games, including students.

• Children age 5 and under will not count toward the family limit for entry.

• All children must stay with their parents/guardians during the duration of games.

• Masks are required by everyone when inside the building and gyms. Active participants (including athletes on the bench), coaches, and referees are exempt from wearing a mask while on the court.

• Gym capacity will be limited to 25%.

• Opposing fans will sit on the north side of the new gym and on the north side of the Pritchett Gym.

• Cheerleaders are allowed to cheer.

• Media is allowed entry.

• Concessions will be available.


• All above protocols will be followed, however for wrestling, no locker rooms will be available. Participants are to come to the meet already dressed out. 

• While not wrestling, wrestlers will be housed in the Pritchett gym. They can enter the new gym once they are “in the hole” for their match.Once a wrestler is done with a match, he/she will return to the Pritchett gym.


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