Big Ten and high school state basketball

Pitching with Pritch

The Cornhusker men’s basketball team didn’t help themselves much in the Big Ten Tournament. 

It would appear that Madison Square Garden (MSG) is worth about 39 points since the Huskers defeated Michigan by 20 at Pinnacle Bank Arena and lost by 19 at MSG. 

I am pretty sure the floor is the same length and the baskets are the same height at both places, but there must have been too much air in the ball or something because it didn’t go in the basket very well for the Huskers.

 My personal theory was the Huskers would need to win at least one game in the Big Ten Tournament because of a couple of reasons. 

One, unless they were going to win the tournament, they would be coming home with 10 losses and that would make it more difficult to get into the NCAA tournament. 

Second, Nebraska has NO basketball tradition. With no tradition to speak of, they will get put over in the NIT pile. 

Some of the schools they are still talking about getting in the tournament finished behind the Huskers in the Big Ten or they have a losing streak going at the end of the season. But because they have been in the NCAA a number of times, they still could get an invitation from the committee for an at-large team.

 The Huskers did not have that good of a game against Michigan. They gave up 77 points and offensively didn’t shoot the ball well at all. 

On the other hand, I would bet there are a number of schools that get in the tournament that would not want to play Nebraska the first round.

Nebraska has enough talent to play in the tournament and actually win a game. Now they are going to have to wait for a few days. Their fate is now out of their hands and in the hands of a committee and other teams that are still playing.

 The Cornhusker women’s team made a pretty positive statement in their Big Ten Tournament game as they avenged a regular season overtime loss to Michigan with a 61-54 win. 

They played on Saturday evening and I am writing this on Saturday afternoon so hopefully, they will have defeated Maryland and have another good win to add to their record.

 I am in Lincoln this weekend along with my wife and we are babysitting our 18-month-old granddaughter. 

I have tried to watch some college basketball but she would rather watch Mickey Mouse. In order to obtain my “Accomplished Grandfather Spoiler” badge, I have to give in to her and watch Mickey. 

Next, I will get to take in the high school boy’s state tournament and watch the Plainsmen in action Thursday night at Lincoln Southeast. 

It is great to have a Plainsmen team playing in the state tournament again! The competition will be tough but there are not many easy games on the docket when you get this far. 

Good Luck Plainsmen!

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