Coaches face on-going pressure

Pitching with Pritch

How many people would really like to be a coach? Sport doesn’t matter, you just want to coach and have all the fun that coaches and players have during the season. I can guarantee you there is fun in coaching, but there are also some pressures that are going to come with the position no matter what level you coach–junior high, high school, or any division of college sports. 

Some of the pressure is self-inflicted. I don’t think there is any coach, in any sport who likes to lose, doesn’t try to make his team better or doesn’t want the best for his players. 

I do think some coaches do a better job at preparing their teams than others. I think there are coaches who can take a less talented group and make them better and I think there are coaches who have teams that are talented and don’t get the best out of them. 

At the high school level, in most cases, you get to work with the players enrolled in your school. Coaches can’t most schools. But believe me, there is recruiting going on in high schools right here in “The Good Life” Nebraska, but that is a story for another time.

How would you like to be Mike Riley right now, and be going through the pressures he has on himself and the Husker football team? I don’t have a clue if Coach Riley reads the Omaha paper, the Lincoln paper, or if he watches TV but

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