PITCHIN WITH PRITCH: Is the luxury worth the price?

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My past week was full of windshield time for some doctor appointments in Ft Collins to the west and then back to North Platte and then back to Grant for the evening and then to Lincoln for the weekend.

Not all fun during that time but the week finished up with going to PBA and watching the Huskers play some team out of Utah. 

There was a real highlight of the weekend and we found a real brave person in our family. I will get to the basketball stuff in a minute but about 10 p.m. Friday evening, I got a call from my Son, Travis and he wanted to know if we would like to sit in the luxury seats at PBA instead of our seats.

I had to think about for about a quarter of second and said sure. One of his clients has the seats and had a conflict and ask Travis if he would like to use it along with the all the tickets that go with it. Travis thought about it a shorter time than I did and said yes but then the brave part showed up. 

Travis took eight little boys all under the age of 9 with us to the game along with Marlene and me, brother Troy and a couple of brother-in-laws and a couple of neighbors. It has been a long time since I have been with that many boys of that age that sometimes have very short attention spans. I have to admit the boys did a pretty good job of watching the game but they get distracted pretty easy. 

Anyway a person could get used to going to games and having one of the rooms. I did not know that when you have one of the rooms, they are good for any event held at PBA such as concerts, state basketball etc. 

Probably the biggest thing that kept me from putting my name on the list for the next one that opens up is the $60,000 per year cost. Minor thing but my $800 seats just to the north of where we were didn’t look all that bad. So for the most part it was a good day but the game put a damper on all the good things.

 You could say the game was exciting because it went two overtimes, but it would not really describe the game. I never really thought of a bad exciting game but this would be close to a description that I would give to it.

Nebraska blew a 14-point lead in the second half, but have some players that are not very good on defense and although they had hit a high percentage of free-throws up to the overtimes clutched big-time when it was pressure time. 

People who saw the game Tuesday night said that the Huskers played better Saturday, so I can’t imagine what it was like Tuesday night. 

In talking with some other people over the weekend, the statement was made that when you put together a team that is made up of transfers from a number of schools there certainly will be a learning curve. Not saying that transfers are not good players, but I am saying that transfers are transfers for a reason. For some reason, they were not happy with their previous schools. 

Nebraska has team made up of basically transfer players. It will take time. 

We have two major men’s teams in Lincoln that have to be labeled as work-in-progress groups.


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