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Nebraska not a good football team

Congratulations to the Perkins County boys’ cross country team and their coaches for qualifying for the state cross country meet this week in Kearney. The guys have been super competitive all season long and this is the frosting on the cake when you get to compete for some of the big stuff at a state meet. 

Just remember the first rule of running competitively, “Always alternate feet as quickly as possible.” That is how I got to where I am today, knowing that kind of information! Good luck in Kearney.


Another less-than-awesome performance from the Huskers this past weekend against Ohio State. I say that based on me buying into the statements I have heard from the Nebraska camp saying they have really recruited well. I am not too sure about that right now. 

Nebraska is not a good football team. There were some flashes of hope; Tanner Lee didn’t do a bad job considering we had absolutely no running game. JD Spielman had 200 yards receiving, which is a school record, and a touchdown. But OSU scored on their first five drives or something like that and the game was over and most of the crowd was gone by halftime. 

By the end of the game the crowd was estimated at about 20,000 people. Ohio State is just way better than Nebraska and you can’t dispute that. The good teams in the Big 10 are pushing the Huskers right into the division with Rutgers, Indiana and the other bottom feeders of the conference. 

At 3-4 and with the teams left to play, I would say even a minor bowl appearance is in jeopardy. 

Coach Diaco’s defense couldn’t stop any facet of OSU’s offense. OSU had 56-14 spread in scoring, 633 yards of offense, and 41 first downs in the game. We have a bye week coming up and one question might be is there anything that can be fixed in a bye week?

Ohio State did sub and I would be the last person to complain that they were trying to run up the score, although Coach Meyer is pretty well known not to take the pedal off the metal in a game and that is okay. At no time did anyone say, “Nebraska you are not allowed to play defense on the next play or plays.” Although at times I thought we chose that option. 

I do think with Clemson and Washington State getting beat maybe OSU wanted to make an impression on the bowl committee and you have to do what you think is right and take care of your own team. 

I know it was an ugly game to watch and it got to the point where I was choosing to keep watching the football game or put in the DVD of the 1991 Lincoln Christian and PC championship basketball game which I have only seen twice, once in person and ONE time on DVD. It only got ugly at the end of the game!

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