Pitching with Pritch

Proud to be a Plainsman

I don’t know if there is ever a real good time to have back surgery, but the time I had it done caused me to miss some pretty exciting action in the local athletic activities program.  Thank goodness for Striv.tv as I still got to see the games even though I didn’t really remember much about what might have been the most exciting football game ever played at Haenfler Field. 

Following surgery on Halloween, I was still just a little groggy on Wednesday to say the least, but I got the StrivTV going and watched the West Holt game. 

Pretty good game and right before the end of the game, with Perkins County trailing, a nurse came and said it was time to take one of my walks for the day. Off we went and even if it wasn’t a long walk, it was long enough for me to miss the Johnson to Patrick winning touchdown.  

I finally got to see it on Facebook later and then on a replay again on StrivTV. I have to admit the video of it on Facebook that the Tribune posted and then to see it its entirety, it was still pretty exciting. 

You sometimes have to be a little lucky in a game, but you still have to put yourself in the position to be lucky, and then you have to execute some skills and go get it done. The team, Charles Johnson and Alex Patrick did just that.  Good effort and a will to get it done got it done and the Plainsmen lived to fight another day. 

Although the season ended the next Tuesday at Medicine Valley to a really good team, the season was pretty special. Congratulations to the coaches and players for an outstanding football season.

Husker football

I was home for the Husker’s game with Northwestern and with super power Minnesota. Most of the drugs were out of my body by that time, and the pain was great as I watched those two football contests. 

I don’t know what will happen as the Husker’s season winds down, but I think after the Minnesota performance I have an idea and I hate what I am pretty sure will go down.  I truly think the Huskers have given up hope of being successful.  I think the players probably think they are going hard, but time and time again I think I just see lack of effort being a very big problem.  

After the defensive coordinator’s explanation after the Northwestern game I was kind of shocked at his words. This isn’t the first year these players have participated in football. They are skilled enough to be college players so I would assume they didn’t need new fundamentals taught even if maybe they were not doing things exactly like they did in high school. Plus they are deep into the season and I would assume they have practice with coaches each day.  

It doesn’t add up to me and then you hear excuse after excuse.  That kind of action, when the results are more losses than wins, will get you looking for a new job in most cases.  If Minnesota can hang  half a hundred on us, Penn State and Iowa, which are better teams than Minnesota, might set scoring records on us. Time will tell.

Basketball time

Basketball season is up on us and that alone I think made my back feel better. Going to miss some of the home Husker games because of travel restrictions but the TV schedule is already full of games. Some of them are good teams versus cupcakes, but there are some really good match-ups coming. 

One set of games was played on Tuesday of this week. The State Farm Champions Classic with Kentucky and Kansas playing and Duke and Michigan State.  That could be a final four grouping.

Won’t be long before the games are here on the local level and the wrestlers will be at it also. Pretty busy but pretty exciting.

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