Three wrestlers medal at Pleasanton

Perkins County’s wrestlers returned to the mats Saturday at the Pleasanton invitational. 

Senior Brandon Knoles led the team with a 4-0 outing to claim the championship at 220. He won each of his matches with a pin.

Senior Colton Pouk and junior Austin Meyer each brought home third place medals at 138 and 285 respectively, 

The Plainsmen resumed practice Monday, Dec. 28 after the state’s activity moratorium ended. 

Collins said their week of practice after the break wasn’t as sharp as he would have liked.  

He saw some lack of attention and discipline in preparation for the Pleasanton meet. 

“That’s on me,” he said, noting that wouldn’t be a problem preparing for this week’s meets. 

The Plainsmen travel to Brady Thursday for a triangular with Brady and Doniphan. On Saturday, they travel to Oshkosh for the Garden County Invite. 

Collins said the Pleasanton meet gave his team exposure to some wrestlers they don’t normally see but could see down the road at state. 

Pouk, who was rated third at 138, fell to the fifth-ranked wrestler from Overton in the semis but came back to take third. 

Collins said Meyer lost a close match in the semis to a heavyweight from Pleasanton.

They’ll see a number of district opponents in their matches this week, he said. Results of the Pleasanton meet are as follows:

120 Mason Toner (5-11)—Champ. Rd. 1: Toner 5-11 received a bye; Quarterfinal: Dayton Gipe (Sandhills Valley) 12-0 won by fall over Toner (Fall 1:05); Cons. Rd. 2: Toner 5-11 won by fall over Yancy Welsh (Franklin) 0-6 (Fall 2:18); Cons. Rd. 3: Corbin Swanson (Ainsworth) 11-9 won by fall over Toner (Fall 3:56).

138 Colton Pouk (11-2) 3rd Place—Champ. Rd. 1: Pouk received a bye; Quarterfinal: Pouk won by fall over Caden Swanson (Ainsworth) 9-6 (Fall 3:09); Semifinal: Kyle Oakley (Central Valley) 11-3 won by fall over Pouk (Fall 4:41); Cons. Semi: Pouk won by major decision over Trevor Kuehn (Kenesaw) 5-6 (MD 13-5); 3rd Place Match: Pouk won by decision over Cinch Kiger (Overton ) 11-8 (Dec 7-1).

145 Brient Wood (4-4) —Champ. Rd. 1: Travis Quintana (Elm Creek) 3-2 won by decision over Wood (Dec 12-8); Cons. Rd. 1: Wood received a bye; Cons. Rd. 2: Wood won by decision over Jacob Austin (Riverside) 0-4 (Dec 11-7); Cons. Rd. 3: Wood won by fall over Samuel King (Ravenna) 5-7 (Fall 1:47); Cons. Semi: travis quintana (Elm Creek) 3-2 won by fall over Wood (Fall 2:59).

152 Bryder Hickey (7-8)—Quarterfinal: Hickey won by fall over Brett Dillman (Harvard) 1-6 (Fall 2:31); Semifinal: Archer Grint (Twin Loup) 13-6 won by fall over Hickey (Fall 1:52); Cons. Semi: Alex Wilbur (Franklin) 5-6 won by major decision over Hickey (MD 10-2).

160 Henry Taylor (1-15) 5th Place—Rd. 1: Payton Reisbeck (Ravenna) 19-3 won by fall over Henry Taylor (Perkins County) 1-15 (Fall 0:15); Rd. 2: Anthony Christofferson (Hitchcock County) 9-6 won by fall over Henry Taylor (Perkins County) 1-15 (Fall 0:33); Rd. 3: Wyatt Jenkins (Arapahoe) 11-3 won by fall over Henry Taylor (Perkins County) 1-15 (Fall 0:56); Rd. 4: Kade Bottorf (Twin Loup) 14-7 won by fall over Henry Taylor (Perkins County) 1-15 (Fall 0:10); Rd. 5: Henry Taylor (Perkins County) 1-15 won by forfeit over Ethan Fernau (Ainsworth) 2-8 (Forfeit).

220 Brandon Knoles (13-1) 1st Place—Rd. 1: Knoles received a bye; Rd. 2: Knoles won by fall over Gabe Pettit (Franklin) 0-6 (Fall 1:56); Rd. 3: Knoles won by fall over David Lozano (Riverside) 1-5 (Fall 2:37); Rd. 4: Knoles won by fall over Tristen Ruzicka (Ravenna) 8-8 (Fall 1:25); Rd. 5: Knoles won by fall over Jerrod Land (Fullerton) 11-10 (Fall 1:58).

285 Austin Meyer (14-6) 3rd Place—Quarterfinal: Austin Meyer (Perkins County) 14-6 won by fall over Cesar Ramirez (Harvard) 2-6 (Fall 2:22); Semifinal: JySeann Pugh (Pleasanton) 10-5 won by decision over Austin Meyer (Perkins County) 14-6 (Dec 5-2); Cons. Semi: Austin Meyer (Perkins County) 14-6 won by fall over Taylor (Fall 2:33); 3rd Place Match: Austin Meyer (Perkins County) 14-6 won by fall over Clayton Baxter (Hitchcock County) 8-6 (Fall 1:47).

285 Huntin Taylor (4-6)—Quarterfinal: Clayton Baxter (Hitchcock County) 8-6 won by fall over Taylor (Fall 1:45); Cons. Rd. 1: Taylor won by fall over Kaden Blake (Sandhills Valley) 1-14 (Fall 0:22); Cons. Semi: Austin Meyer (Perkins County) 14-6 won by fall over Taylor (Fall 2:33).

Team Scores—1, Ravenna, 176.0; 2, Twin Loup, 159.0; 3, Hitchcock County, 101.0; 4, Arapahoe, 98.0; 5, Elm Creek, 85.0; 6, Perkins County, 77.0; 7, Central Valley, 54.0; 8, Franklin, 52.0; 9, Sandhills Valley, 51.0; 10, Ainsworth, 46.5; 11, Kenesaw, 40.0; 12, Fullerton, 35.0; 13, Pleasanton, 31.0; 14, Shelton, 28.0; 15, Overton , 16.0; 16, Riverside, 9.0; 17, Harvard, 0.0; 17, St. Marys, 0.0. 


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