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Senior Brandon Knoles reached a milestone in his high school wrestling career Saturday at the Garden County Invite. In the semifinals of the 220-lb. class, Knoles’ 7-1 decision over Gavin Anderson of Hyannis earned him his 100th career win. He’s shown with Coach Tanner Collins after the match.

Wrestlers take two duals, medal three at Garden County

Knoles notches 100th win Saturday

Perkins County’s wrestlers won a pair of duals last week with Brady and Doniphan-Trumball and then medalled three at the Garden County meet Saturday.

The Plainsmen traveled to Brady Thursday for duals with Brady and Doniphan-Trumbull.

Against Brady, Mason Toner, Brient Wood, Brandon Knoles and Austin Meyer each came away with wins en route to a 30-15 dual win. 

Brady’s Jeremy Larson, the top rated wrestler at 132 in Class D and last year’s state runner-up, moved up a class to face Colton Pouk, who’s ranked second in Class D at 138.

Coach Tanner Collins said it was an exciting match and good experience for Pouk, despite losing a 11-4 decision. 

A similar thing happened in the dual against Doniphan-Trumbull. Colton Horne, who wrestles at 195 and rated second in the state, moved up a class to face state-ranked Brandon Knoles at 220.

It was a battle between the two, Collins, said, with Knoles going down in a 2-1 decision.

Winners against Doniphan-Trumbull included Bryder Hickey, Pouk and Wood. Those wins and open weight class forfeits gave the Plainsmen a 36-9 win.

At Garden County Saturday, Collins said his team didn’t look as sharp as expected. He said they had a really good week of practice but it didn’t show up in their finals matches.

Of the three in the finals, only Meyer came away with a first place finish. 

Pouk finished second, losing a 7-1 decision to Foster Smith of Sutherland, who’s ranked in front of Pouk at number one in Class D. 

Knoles fell to Mitchell’s Nathan Cooley, who’s ranked with a 15-1 record. 

In the semifinals, Knoles defeated Gavin Anderson of Hyannis for his 100th win of his high school career. 

Collins is hopeful the team’s hard work in practice last week will show up this week.

The Plainsmen host a jayvee meet Tuesday, travel to Hershey for SPVA Thursday and then compete in Chase County’s invite Saturday. 

Results from last week’s action is as follows:

Brady Dual

120—Mason Toner over Isaac Shaner (Brady) (Fall 1:40).

138—Jeremy Larson (Brady) over Colton Pouk (Dec 11-4).

145—Brient Wood over Aidan Mullen (Brady) (Fall 1:52).

152—Bryder Hickey - open

160—Levi Jurjens (Brady) - open.

170—Triston Stearns (Brady) over Henry Taylor (Fall 1:19).

220—Brandon Knoles over Cameron Carr (Brady) (Fall 1:17).

285—Austin Meyer over Kaden Dady (Brady) (Fall 2:24).

Team score—Perkins County 30, Brady 15.

Doniphan[Trumball Dual

152—Bryder Hickey over Bryan Shafer (D-T) (Fall 1:14).

160—Henry Taylor - open.

106—Zachary Burkey (D-T) open.

120—Mason Toner - open.

138—Colton Pouk over Drake Belville (D-T) (Fall 4:44).

145—Brient Wood over Chase Groff (D-T) (Fall 1:50).

220—Colton Horne (D-T) over Brandon Knoles (Dec 2-1).

285—Huntin Taylor - open.

Team score—Perkins County 36, Doniphan 9.

Garden County Invite

120 Mason Toner (6-13)—Champ. Rd: 1: Toner 6-13 (Bye); Quarterfinal: Kaleb Christofferson (Hitchcock County) 15-4 won by decision over Toner 6-13 (Dec 7-5); Cons. Rd: 2: Toner 6-13 (Bye); Cons. Rd: 3: Toner 6-13 won by decision over Jerrett Fear (Mitchell) 2-11 (Dec 8-7); Cons. Semi: Brock Burry (Bayard) 12-10 won by decision over Toner 6-13 (Dec 6-2).

138 Colton Pouk (14-3) 2nd Place—Champ. Rd: 1: Pouk 14-3 won by fall over Tennille Warembourg (Wauneta-Palisade) 1-12 (Fall 2:38); Quarterfinal: Pouk 14-3 won by fall over Nathan Kollmorgen (Hitchcock County) 0-4 (Fall 0:42); Semifinal: Pouk 14-3 won by fall over Brenton Abbott (Leyton) 13-4 (Fall 4:58); 1st Place Match: Samuel Foster (Sutherland) 22-0 won by decision over Pouk 14-3 (Dec 7-1).

145 Brient Wood (4-6)—Champ. Rd: 1: Chase Wiese (Dundy County) 11-12 won by fall over Brient Wood (Perkins County) 4-6 (Fall 2:56); Cons. Rd: 1: Cooper Dillan (Chase County ) 6-11 won by fall over Brient Wood (Perkins County) 4-6 (Fall 3:54).

152 Bryder Hickey (8-10)—Champ. Rd: 1: Brice Vitosh (Chase County ) 8-10 won by fall over Hickey 8-10 (Fall 2:34); Cons. Rd: 1: Hickey 8-10 won by fall over Chris Gaul (Bayard) 2-5 (Fall 0:47); Cons. Rd: 2: Eli Hernandez (North Platte) 11-3 won by fall over Hickey 8-10 (Fall 2:42).

160 Henry Taylor (1-17)—Champ. Rd: 1: Matthew Kohel (Morrill) 11-6 won by fall over Taylor 1-17 (Fall 1:44); Cons. Rd: 1: Taylor 1-17 (Bye); Cons. Rd: 2: Anthony Christofferson (Hitchcock County) 12-8 won by fall over Taylor 1-17 (Fall 0:28).

220 Brandon Knoles (15-2) 2nd Place—Champ. Rd: 1: Knoles 15-2 (Bye); Quarterfinal: Knoles 15-2 won by fall over Quint Starkey (Sioux County) 0-9 (Fall 2:12); Semifinal: Knoles 15-2 won by decision over Gavin Anderson (Hyannis) 8-4 (Dec 7-1); 1st Place Match: Nathan Coley (Mitchell) 15-1 won by decision over Knoles 15-2 (Dec 4-0). 

285 Huntin Taylor (5-8)—Champ. Rd: 1: Taylor 5-8 (Bye); Quarterfinal: Reegan French (Morrill) 5-4 won by fall over Taylor 5-8 (Fall 2:34); Cons. Rd: 2: Taylor 5-8 won by fall over Brayden McGowen (Hemingford) 1-6 (Fall 0:24); Cons. Rd: 3: Taylor Hubl (Hitchcock County) 3-2 won by fall over Taylor 5-8 (Fall 1:44).

285 Austin Meyer (18-6) 1st Place—Champ. Rd: 1: Meyer 18-6 won by fall over Michael Rotherham (Bayard) 7-12 (Fall 0:57); Quarterfinal: Meyer 18-6 won by fall over Carter Rudloff (Crawford) 0-2 (Fall 0:36); Semifinal: Meyer 18-6 won by fall over Clayton Baxter (Hitchcock County) 10-8 (Fall 1:16); 1st Place Match: Meyer 18-6 won by fall over Trysten Terry (North Platte) 9-12 (Fall 2:28).

Team scores—1, Bayard, 142.0; 2, North Platte JVs, 137.0; 3, Mitchell, 119.0; 4, Sutherland, 115.0; 5, Hitchcock County, 101.0; 6, Garden County, 92.0; 7, Perkins County, 73.0; 8, Kimball, 55.0; 9, Leyton, 54.5; 10, Morrill, 54.0; 11, Chase County , 35.0; 12, Hemingford, 33.0; 13, Scottsbluff , 30.0; 14, Minatare , 28.5; 15, Hay Springs, 28.0; 16, Wauneta-Palisade, 27.0; 17, Crawford, 24.0; 18, Hyannis, 20.0; 19, Dundy County, 7.0; 20, Banner County, 2.0; 20, Sioux County, 2.0


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